dnalife™ Certification Course London 10-12 March 2023 - 8 DNA tests included!

$ 695.00

The Future of Healthcare: Combining genetics with Functional Testing IN PERSON + ONLINE COURSE! 8 DNA tests included!

The Future of Healthcare: Combining genetics with Functional Testing
Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington

We are delighted to be hosting our IN PERSON Certification course again - in London with Umahro Cadogan!

This course will focus on a number of areas that functional medicine practitioners will be working with in their clinical practice, covering the role that genetic expression plays in a person’s risk for chronic disease. When combined with functional testing, genetics provides objective information allowing for a more precise treatment strategy.

Key Objectives:

  • Learn How, If We Understand Genetic Expression, Intervention Strategies May Help Prevent Disease Occurring.

  • Learn Which Supplements Are Advantageous To Take With Particular Genetic Expression.

  • Understand the Benefits of Including A Genetic Test For every Patient and be able to Convey this Confidently

A combination of guided self-study and in-person training, you will be introduced to the concept of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, as well as pharmacogenomics, and how to apply the science in practice. The course provides important information about genes and the underlying principles of our core DNA tests, increasing your understanding and confidence to use these tests. During the in-person training, you will also learn how to use genetic testing in collaboration with functional testing. The results of these two test methods offer a robust platform on which to build highly individualised treatment strategies.

The course price includes IN PERSON training with Umahro PLUS our comprehensive online training to be completed before the live event (18 hours of self-study). The course fee also includes 8 dnalife® DNA tests:

Our Educator: 

Umahro Cadogan
Umahro has worked in the field of Functional  Medicine and health for more than 20 years and is renowned for his clinical experience and expertise,  his understanding of systems biology and his lecturing skills. He runs a busy Functional Medicine clinic in Copenhagen seeing patients from all over the world. Given his knowledge within genetics and  Functional Medicine, Umahro has been a part of choosing, developing and evaluating the dnalife profiles. He uses them extensively in his clinical practice on patients; world-class athletes; and top performers within business, music and culture to help them find out what it takes to perform and function optimally, and prevent disease manifesting itself in the first place. He has run workshops for dnalife since 2014  and has a fantastic ability to convey complex nutrigenomics and biochemistry.



• An overview of & introduction of Nordic  Laboratories’ flagship genetic test: dnahealth®.  

• Cardiovascular health with a focus on lipids,  Nitric Oxide, insulin & glucose. 

• dnahealth® as it relates to cardiovascular health.  

• Methylation in health and disease & dnahealth® as it relates to methylation.  

• Individualised supplementation of micronutrients. 

• dnahealth® and its relevance in determining individual micronutrient and dietary needs. 


• Oestrogens and progesterone in health and disease: production, effects and metabolism.  

• The DUTCH test: a focus on female sex hormones.  

• dnaoestrogen®. 

• TruCheck – tumour screening  (Lecturer: Dr Stefan Schuster). 

• Oestrogen-sensitive cancers. • Breast Thermography - screening for inflammation in breast tissue  (Lecturer: Dr Nyjon Eccles, Thermocheck ®). 

• Detoxification and the detoxification and oxidative stress panels in dnahealth®. 


• dnasmile (Lecturer: Pete Williams). 

• The nature of pain - inflammation for better and worse.  

• dnapain.  

• MedCheck™. 

• dnahealth®: Inflammation. 

• Bone & structural health and dnahealth®. 

• Case Studies  

• The future of personalised healthcare.  (Chris Moore, Nordic Laboratories®).

Online Modules Included:

  • Introduction to Genetics
  • DNA Health: Genetics of key biochemical processes governing health & disease (Lipid Metabolism, Methylation, Inflammation, Oxidative stress, Detoxification, Bone Health, Insulin Resistance, Food responsiveness, Vitamin Metabolism)
  • DNA Oestrogen: Key biochemical processes governing Oestrogen Metabolism
  • DNA Diet: Genetics of Weight Management
  • DNA Sport: Genetics of Exercise Performance
  • DNA Mind: Genetics and Mental Health
  • DNA Pain: Insight into Key Biological Pathways that Influence Chronic Pain and Comorbid Conditions.
  • DNA Smile: Insights into the state of your Oral Health and your Predisposition for Developing Periodontal Disease, Tooth Caries and Other Systemic Diseases
  • Medcheck: Pharmacogenomics

Multiple choice questions are to be completed after each online module.


Venue and Times:

  • Friday 10 March 2023
  • Saturday 11 March 2023   
  • Sunday 12 March 2023

Location: Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington

Language: English 

CPD accreditation pending.

Course fee includes 8 dnalife® DNA tests

Below you can find other relevant information in pdf format


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