dnalife Certification Course - ORLANDO FL - September 13-14, 2024

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An Introduction to Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics IN-PERSON & ONLINE COURSE! 4 DNA tests included!  EARLY BIRD ENDS JULY, 15  

An Introduction to Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics
September 13-14, 2024
Hotel Kinetic, Universal Blvd, ORLANDO, FL


IN-PERSON & ONLINE COURSE! 4 DNA tests included!

Become part of our global practitioner network by attending our in-person Certification Course.

We are delighted to be hosting our IN PERSON Certification course in ORLANDO with Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood.

Through a combination of in-person training with the Sherwoods and guided self-study online (27 hours), you will be introduced to the concept of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics and how to apply the science in practice. 

The course will equip you with the knowledge to translate DNA test results into practical nutritional and lifestyle solutions. It provides important information around genes and the underlying principles of our core DNA tests, increasing your understanding and confidence to use these tests. 

The online training should ideally be completed prior to the LIVE in-person training to maximise your learning experience. During the in-person training, you will also learn how to use genetic testing in collaboration with functional testing. The results of these two methods offers a powerful platform on which to build highly individualised treatment strategies.


  • How to responsibly integrate DNA testing into your practice
  • The concept of nutrigenetics & nutrigenomics
  • How to apply the science in practice using clinical case studies
  • How to combine functional & genetic testing for a more precise treatment strategy.

Our Educators: Dr's. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Dr's. Mark and Michele are very familiar with utilizing genetic testing as a foundational component of their functional medicine practice.

Dr Michele is a trained Doctor of Osteopathy; Dr Mark is a trained Naturopathic doctor. The Sherwood’s have a successful medical practice, the Functional Medical Institute; also a television program; as well as provide resources, including their two best-selling books, “The Quest for Wellness” and “Fork Your Diet”, nutrition plans, fitness instructional videos, and helpful mental and emotional steps to provide relief from stress and to help people form better habits so they can live well.

As research has evolved the two doctors have started working more with DNA testing and now they include DNA tests as an integrated part of their functional medicine treatment strategies. They have experience with hundreds of DNA tests and have seen how the results of these have made huge impacts on their patient outcomes. They now wish to share their experiences with other practitioners and teach foundational information about Nutrigenetics as well as clinical pearls of wisdom.  Dr Michele and Dr Mark are both experienced motivational and educational speakers whose presentations are sought by audiences nationwide.

Course fee includes 4 dnalife® DNA tests:

dnalife Certification Online Course - Foundation:

DNA Health: Genetics of key biochemical processes governing health & disease (Lipid Metabolism, Methylation, Inflammation, Oxidative stress, Detoxification, Bone Health, Insulin Resistance, Food responsiveness, Vitamin Metabolism)

DNA Diet: Genetics of Weight Management

DNA Sport: Genetics of Exercise Performance

DNA Core: Genetics of key biochemical processes governing health and disease, macro- and micronutrient requirements and response, food intolerances and sensitivities, weight management, and exercise performance (note: DNA Core includes all gene variants analysed in DNA Health, DNA Diet, and DNA Sport, in one user-friendly report)

Multiple choice questions to be completed after each Module.

Healthcare Practitioners will be accredited with dnalife® upon completion of this course and will be able to use the dnalife® tests in their practice as well as become part of our referral network.

Language: English 


Course fee includes 4 dnalife® DNA tests


Friday September 13, 2024
Saturday September 14, 2024



Hotel Kinetic Orlando Universal Blvd.
7800 Universal Boulevard
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Language: English 

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