Mastering Gastrointestinal Health Part 3 Course

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PRACTICAL INFORMATION Part 3: IPA & additional aspects of Gut Health 2 x 4hrs Language: English

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Part 3: IPA & additional aspects of Gut Health

2 x 4hrs

Language: English

Part 3: Intestinal Permeability & Absorption Analysis (IPA) and additional aspects of gut health

Intestinal hyperpermeability is a central concept in gastrointestinal health and a well-known possible contributing cause of autoimmune disease. Indeed, reversing permeability of the gut lining may even lead to disease remission. Conveniently, intestinal permeability can be measured and it’s a great tool to monitor treatment progress with your clients. Also, you are likely familiar with the gut-brain axis. This signalling highway from the gut to the brain and back again is gaining increased awareness, not only among specialists in the field of brain health but also mainstream media. Likewise, the knowledge of how the immune system interacts with the gut is expanding rapidly. How might we implement knowledge of the gut-brain-immune axis in a clinical setting? Also, looking at gut health, did you know it’s important to take thyroid function into consideration? And how might food intolerances influence gut function? 

We welcome you to this 2 day training session (half days) with Graeme Jones and Annie Pettersson on June 10-11 which will highlight the importance of intestinal permeability, and get you familiar with testing and ways to reverse a damaged gastric and intestinal lining. To complete the Mastering Gastrointestinal Health Series we will also cover additional factors that can have a major impact on your clients’ well-being from a gut central perspective.

The training will cover 

•Intestinal permeability, underlying causes, clinical signs and symptoms

•The IPA test, zonulin, theory and rationale and interpretation

•Clinical case studies

•Diet approaches for intestinal permeability - when, how and where to use them

•Lifestyle interventions to decrease hyperpermeability 

•The gut-brain axis and relevance in clinical practice with GI disorders

•Thyroid function, measurement, intervention and GI interaction 

•Food intolerances

•The enteric nervous and immune systems - importance in health and disease

•Immune cell presence, and the role of cytokine and immunoglobulin secretion in the gut

•Immune system education, activation and modulation by the intestinal microbiome

•Gut-immune-CNS interaction: neurotransmitters, dietary metabolites and more

•The concept of leaky gut - leaky brain

•The role of the gut in depression and Alzheimer's disease

•How to think clinically when working with neurological and mood disorders

Your educators:

Graeme Jones

Clinical Physiologist and CEO at Nordic Clinic Stockholm.

Over the past 15 years, Graeme has accumulated skills and experiences from the medical field, fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition and clinical research. From his many years of working with patients, he’s one of the most clinically experienced practitioners in Europe, but he’s also passionate about teaching and coaching practitioners in functional medicine and nutritional science. 

Annie Pettersson (MSc, PhD)

Annie currently runs the internal research projects at Nordic Clinic Stockholm, but she also works with clients, and educates both practitioners and patients with lectures, seminars and courses. Annie specialises in complicated cases and uses the latest research findings to help drive clinical strategies. She aims to ensure that the scientific basis of our work remains strong and solid, and that we’re up to date with relevant research.

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