Mastering Gastrointestinal Health Part 2 Course

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PRACTICAL INFORMATION Part 2: SIBO  4hrs Language: English

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Part 2: SIBO 


Language: English

Part 2: SIBO

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO for short, is a phenomenon that has gained increasing attention over the years. A healthy small intestine normally contains fairly low numbers of gut bacteria, much lower than the more densely populated colon. However, for several reasons those numbers can rise which may in turn cause symptoms ? both systemically and locally in the gut. To highlight the clinical importance of SIBO and get you familiar with testing and treatment for bacterial overgrowth, we welcome you to this half day training session on 26th November 2021.

The training will cover 

  • SIBO introduction - the three sub types (hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, methane), signs and symptoms, general overview and prognosis

  • Where the SIBO research is currently at and why we do not have a valid clinical hydrogen sulfide test

  • Collection process and why you might be getting too many false positives

  • The many risk factors that lead to SIBO and why

  • Learn red flags and when further investigation is required

  • How to read and interpret SIBO reports with plenty of case examples

  • How to recognise Hydrogen sulfide SIBO and how to treat it

  • Treatment options for the three different gases and their pros and cons

  • Diet approaches for SIBO - when are where to implement

  • Lifestyle interventions to ensure low risk of relapse once successful treatment has been completed

  •  Problem solving with complex cases

Your educator:

Graeme Jones

Clinical Physiologist and CEO at Nordic Clinic Stockholm.

Over the past 15 years, Graeme has accumulated skills and experiences from the medical field, fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition and clinical research. From his many years of working with patients, he’s one of the most clinically experienced practitioners in Europe, but he’s also passionate about teaching and coaching practitioners in functional medicine and nutritional science. 

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